EHS Management

An Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management system must help an organization comply with regulations and identify risks of adverse events that can cause harm to workers and the environment. In addition, by achieving EHS excellence, EHS managers and professionals can contribute to enabling operational excellence in their organizations, which leads to cost savings and process improvements.
Intelectex modules help companies meet all EHS management and compliance challenges, including environmental analysis and reporting. As well as management of air, water, waste and chemicals, regulatory compliance, worker health and safety, incident loss prevention and much more.

Intelectex Modules:


  1. Contractors & third-party safety is used to manage contractors and incident involving contractors, as well as to
    evaluate the risks that they may expose companies too.
  2. Occupational health, occupational injury and near miss, is the management and analysis tool within the Incident module which is able to register it, by specific location, type of injury or health damage. All detailed information can be typed in or selected in the pre-set dropdown lists, specified by the client. All the data can be gathered in Business Intelligence
    and viewed as charts, grids or pivots.
  3. The Incident and Event Management solution is designed to meet all incidents and event reporting, management and monitoring needs.
  4. All incidents are registered and saved in the system and assigned a unique number.
  • ActionsIn this module the corrective actions can be assigned to the Incident record, to ensure the incident will not occur again.
  • TrainingThe training module is specifically designed to schedule trainings for employees, to get higher qualifications. Employees are stored in the people module and can be linked to the specific training created by the responsible admin person at any time.
  • EquipmentThe equipment module allows you to manage companies assets (e.g. tractors, heavy duty machinery etc.). It also allows to schedule service, calculate depreciation, view statistics of the equipment by type, service and service provider.
  • People
  • The people module contains all the employees, contractors, third party of the client / company and personnel, to use the modules within the office.
  • Business Intelligence
  • We are using Power BI reporting solution, implemented within the Intelectex module to gather the information across all the modules and show as a charts, grids and pivots.

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